From foster home to forever home for Elton…..

Whеn Elton camе to us hе was such a timid boy,frightеnеd of thе world rеally but hе’s rеally bondеd with Honеy and shе has shown him how to livе thе lifе of royalty! If hе sееs a bеnch on a walk,hе will sit on it (еvеn if thеrе arе othеr pеoplе

on it).Hе’s such a grеat boy and wе’rе vеry thankful for him.Our long term,poorly boy Elton found his feet in a foster home before meeting his forever family.Little Elton came to us as part of an RSPCA raid that we helped with. We took in

34 dogs who several went on to have puppies so we ended up having nearer to 50 dogs altogether from this raid! Like many of the dogs we rescued,poor Elton was an ex-breeder and so hadn’t seen much of the world.Due to some serious

medical concerns and existing conditions, Elton needed some extra TLC from our team before he was able to go up for rehoming.This sweet,worried boy had a hard time finding his feet in kennels so our dedicated

Physiotherapist/Hydrotherapist,Sophie,took him home to foster him and help him recover.He was such a charming little man she wound up keeping him for a month while he recovered and got stronger.Once he was able to go up for rehoming he found a family with a family

who already had another Cavalier king Charles who they adopted from Dogs Trust Bridgend.They were wonderful adopters who had already gone through bringing a puppy farmed dog out of her shell so were the perfect home for Elton.

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